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With a profound understanding of the challenges faced by high achievers, Tracy empowers her clients to break through the glass ceiling of their own subliminal limits, dramatically shorten the timeline on major goal achievement and savour the exhilaration of living in a state of ever expanding potential.

I believe that everyone has a blueprint for genius which lies hidden behind a wall of limiting beliefs. The world will be an immeasurably better place when everyone is taught how to access their hidden genius codes, and Space/Time Alchemy is the perfect vehicle for enabling that.

I created this system to meet a very personal need for something to bridge the gap between intellectual understanding and a true shift in consciousness where it really counts - on the physical level. It worked wonders for me when nothing else was doing the trick despite all the best coaching and years of serious meditation practice. My friends and mentors could clearly see a change in me and frankly, some days I barely recognize myself!

My clients experience more confidence in their own worth and in the value of what they can offer the world. With an elevated and sovereign perspective, they make more powerful choices and achieve higher goals, all in less time. I love to see leaders and high-performers who are bored with conventional achievement become delighted by the pursuit of an ever-expanding potential and prioritizing joy as a legitimate life purpose.

I am inspired by historical individuals who have followed the call of genius; creators who stayed true to their vision despite being ostracized, mocked or rejected by society. I’m inspired by science that gives us the words, concepts and images with which to experience levels of reality that otherwise escape our human organs of perception. I’m inspired by the power of art to express the inexpressible.

In particular, I’m inspired by Dr. Edward Bach, who gave up his hard-won success as a medical doctor, bacteriologist and pioneer of vaccine therapy to create a system based on the healing power of flowers using nothing but his own direct personal experience.

I’m inspired by the pioneers of Kinesiology including David Hawkins who proved conclusively that everyone has access to all the knowledge in the universe all the time, and that truth is an absolute quality.

I’ve been inspired by Abraham Hicks, and by Colleen Morgan and Lorna Johnson, and by a string of personal mentors including Massimo Mangialavori, Sonika and Naveed Asif, Gitte Lassen, Sylvia Swann, Jasmine Soori-Arachi and Donal Keleher.

I’ve watched the movie “Everything Everywhere All At Once” about 6 times. I think it might be the best movie ever made (after It’s A Wonderful Life).

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